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The most delicious feet of Rose – Foot worship and Tickling by servant Alla

Rose is lying on the bed and reading a book. She shakes her beautiful feet in her socks and doesn’t think of anything important.
Her servant Alla has been meaning to worship her feet for a long time. She brings her tea and puts it near her feet and modestly asks about the massage of her feet. Rose refuses.

After a while, she returns and reports a broken shell – “let’s go and see what happened to it.” She distracts Rose’s attention and sneaks from behind and grabs her. Alla clings to her and licks her shoulder – “Now your feet will be mine. We’ll play nice!”
With these words, she throws Ross on the bed and begins to tie her hands with a rope and puts a white bandage gag in her mouth.

After that, she massages her feet and begins to kiss and lick them, sucks each toe.
Rose is at a loss and demands to stop it. – “I’ll dismiss you immediately!” she says.
Alla ignores and continues to worship her feet. Then she puts Rose’s feet on her face and sniffs them. After that, she takes a comb and starts tickling her soles. Rose tries to hold back and mumbles through the gag.
A little later, Alla puts Rose on a bench and puts her feet on the chair. In this position, she continues to worship them, and then begins to tickle her feet, and then lick them again. Rose goes mad and suffers.

Alla removes the gag and tapes her mouth with a duct tape. Alla continues worshipping her feet.
Then Alla decides to tickle the tanned armpits of her victim, and Rose is very ticklish there and squeals a lot. Soon her torment ends.

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