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Length - 14:40 -

Myriam and Wiam are Wrapped and Sent to Hell

The title speaks for itself ! In this clip, you’re favorite duo is back, and man they will suffer ! Myriam and Wiam have already torture each other, they’ve been tickled by the ticklers, but this is their first time being tickled together ! Their legs are wrapped, their arms and their elbows are strapped strongly behind their head, and they have two ticklers to take advantage of the situation ! Both know it’s gonna be bad, but they didn’t think it will be THAT bad !

The clip contains : socks tickling, socks removing, bare feet tickling with and without tools, an upperbody segment at the end and, of course, the full show : upperbody and feet tickling at the same time ! The girls are broken after just a few minutes, and the tickling won’t even stop a little !
They shout, they laugh, they are desperate … and that’s exactly at this point that the torture goes further ! Hard to say which one is the most ticklish or which one had the most horrible experience, but let me tell you that Wiam nor Myriam won’t forget their visit at Genuine Tickling !

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