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Natalia’s worst nightmare !

I am happy to welcome our new ticklish Model-Natalia. We met through a Facebook group for photo models. It was one of my first attempts in finding models this way and I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to my proposition. Fortunately for me she responded positively and with a lot of interest in my work.

The first part is an interview tickling. Natalia presents herself and I start testing where she is ticklish. Luckily this beauty is ticklish almost everywhere. And although she was a bit scared at the beginning, her enormous ticklishness quickly overwhelmed her and all her barriers and shyness disappeared.

Her most ticklish spot are definitely her feet. Once I touch them, she explodes in wild laughter. This is a true dream for me, as I absolutely love super ticklish feet. At one point I remove her socks and pair of beautiful bare feet emerged. And OMG is she ticklish on her bare feet! The cutie goes absolutely crazy and I take full advantage of her weakness. As I rub and dance with my fingers on her toes, soles and heels, Natalia’s laughter becomes hysterical. She begs me to stop, but nothing can stop me from tickling her to exhaustion.

The video brings a lot of pleasure and introduces you to a set of clips with Natalia, that will follow.

As always the entire video is subtitled in English for maximum pleasure.

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