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Nelly’s Summer Experience

Nelly is the kind of girl who really enjoys the summer, but what I like the most, is that she likes to visit me at any time of the day! She like to make some long rollerblades rides in a park not so far of my home so I told her that she could stop at any time of the day if she needs to rest her feet a bit! Free foot massage at any time! That was a very long ride that day so she knocks at my door to take a little rest. I was actually napping in the room so she thought it would make a nice surprise to wake me up! Wow! That was just the best wake up call ever!

She teases me with her rollerblades on, then take them off with her irresistible smile, to completely cover my face with her super sweaty mismatched blue socks! It is just amazing how those rollerblades of her makes her socks and feet so sweaty! They were actually super warm, and wet! Nelly knows how bad I am addicted to her feet, so she notices again how her feet actually makes me hard! She starts to play with my balls, while rubbing her sweaty blue socks all over my face.

I was just in heaven! Nelly actually grabs my cock to give me the best blowjob ever! She sucks my balls and my hard cock until she gets a huge explosion of cum inside her beautiful mouth! I didn’t even had time to take her socks off! She’s just the best! My favorite Dreamgirl for sure!

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