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Length - 18:53 -
Definition - 1080P

News reporter Bria gets in trouble

In this clip, there’s only right foot tickling.

Bria is a sexy news reporter investigating a local crime ring.
She is on her way to meet two informants but at the meeting, it turns out the informants are members of the local gangsters.
She gets jumped, quickly subdued, her hands bound behind her back, she is blindfolded and taken away to the villains’ hideout to be interrogated.
Soon she finds herself in the hideout, she is sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back and her upper arms tied by some more rope, she’s still blindfolded.
Her left foot is tied to the chair she is sitting on, her right foot propped up in front of her, her bare sole exposed and tied by the ankle so she can’t move it.
(The pose is similar to the classic April O’Neill being tickled in the TMNT cartoon).

Soon the interrogator comes in and starts asking questions to see how much the reporter knows about the local crime ring.
The reporter refuses to say anything, but the interrogator has ways of making her talk… He starts to mercilessly tickle torture her right foot.
Our reporter is really tightly bound and can’t move a lot, she has to just sit there and take the torture. But she refuses to talk, so the tickling continues.
As time goes on the tickling gets more intense and the reporter is laughing more and more.
After a while, she breaks down and starts talking, but her captor is just having too much fun torturing her so he continues as the reporter starts begging for mercy.
After a while, they stop and the exhausted reporter is left broken in the chair.
They have no intention of letting her go, they give her time to recover, cause tomorrow the torture continues… At this point, the clip ends.

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