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Obligated by her family: Erika initially didn’t accepted to be tickled Part 2

Definition - 2160P
Length - 12:40


ErikaPart 2: Erika hates being tickled (FM/F). Don’t buy this video if you want a girl that likes to be tickled. Erika is not a fetish model, she isn’t either a model, she is the girl next door that will NEVER ever accept to be tickled. Also, she is very religious and demure…

Before buying this video (Erika Part 2) make sure you have seen Erika Part 1.

The ancient Romans used to say: “Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum” (to err is human, but to persist [in error] is diabolical), Erika has made some mistakes, and there is a price to pay, especially if your family is involved…

You cannot imagine how many people we had to involve to organize this, but she will receive her diabolicum supplicium castigatio.

All the money in the world couldn’t convince Erika to agree to it, but at the end she voluntarily signed the document where she agree to be tied, distressed and that we will make her cry and suffer and also that she refuse the rights to know which techniques will be use. And, of course, that she agree to have her videos distributed and sold worldwide.


You will hear her repeat silently “estoy buena” and “estarè bien” (“I am good” and “I will be good”) hoping we stop tickling her, you will see with your eyes that she is not acting, you will observe her face and her truly shocking expression when we discover her worst spots or when the lady tickler will eat her toes.


What you will see is real. Tickling causes her extreme suffering. She is not as ticklish as Fernanda, who peed her pants, or Vanessa, who couldn’t even breathe with her non-stop hysterical laughing, or Darla that had her face soaked with tears from so much crying while laughing. But however Erika hates to be tickled, and hates that she can’t control her laugh, and her body when tickled, you will see how hard Erika tries not to laugh… how hard she tries to hold the torment…

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