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Paige & Inaya Meet : Inaya Pushes Paige to Her Limits

This is Paige’s turn to be immobilized on the bench and tickled to hell by Inaya who is impatient to get her revenge.
Inaya becomes the tickler and believe us she is absolutely MERCILESS with Paige who didn’t imagined to endure a such intensive tickling from her.
She attacks all her deathly ticklish spots with feathers, fingers and tickle tools till she goes nuts.
Paige is horribly ticklish on every inch of her body and this is exactly what Inaya love.

Inaya punishes Paige’s upperbody during the first half of the clip and she is 100% sadistical during the second half on her deathly ticklish bare soles and toes.
Paige has so explosive reactions who incitate Inaya to be even more merciless, what an incredibly tickle party between the beauties.
Paige and Inaya are some of our most ticklish models at this time and we were curious to watch them together, sure you will never forget this encounter.

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