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Pamela Strong chairtied – part 2 – feet and lowerbody

Length - 10:19
- 1080P -
Published 12 June, 2022

The tickler changes his interest from upperbody to lowerbody and feet. First, he grabs her ankle with a hand and tickles her foot by the other hand. Then, he changes side, but this time he takes a tool: a hair brush. After testing the brush on her side, he starts to use it on the bottom of the other foot: the brush seems very effective.

But it’s the turn for another brush: the tooth brush. It’s a contest between the two types of brush about which is getting out her the loudest laugh. But the tooth brush has an advantage, it can go among Pamela’s toes. And easily the tickler uses the tooth brush on hip, ribs, armpit and waist, obtaining an immediate reaction.

Even on bellybutton this automatic brush is useful and all the surface of her breast is explored by that tool! Pamela Strong seems sensitive on every spot is put on test, including ear and neck. Now, the tickler returns to her lowerbody. Keeping firm her ankle by the hook of the cuff, the tickler put the tooth brush not only on the bottom of the feet, but also on the ankles, in the back of the knees (very sensitive), on the back of her thighs and in the middle of the butt cheeks, where the tickling gets a sensual appearance: Pamela seems to enjoy those sensations, and the view of the back of her beautiful legs is very intriguing.

After putting away the electric tool, the tickler returns to use hands, going from the lowerbody to the upper body, for a last scene of tickling. He changes the positions of the hooks, so to be able to keep Pamela’s arms up over his neck and have an easy access to waist, hips and armpits: as you can see, Pamela Strong is very ticklish when tickled in her hips! Pamela greets you showing her strong beautiful bicep and her breast is very near the camera.

A usual, she fills up the shoot with her nice comments. (format is.mkv, simply a .mp4 file with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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