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Length - 10:11 -
Definition - 1080P

Exploring Pamela Strong

In this video the tickler explores the italian wrestler Pamela Strong. First Pamela introduces herself, describing briefly her life and showing her beautiful muscles. Then the exploration starts. First the tickler tests her sides and her tummy, obtaining a good reaction. The armpits are the next. The tickler alternates between armpits, waist and sides, while Pamela moves around to avoid his stimulating hands, forced to catch the tickler’s hands to get them away from her body.

Now Pamela lies down on the sofa and the tickler searches for tickle spots along her legs: behind the knees is a good spot!! Pamela turns herself navel down, so her feet could be put to the tickle test: they seems ticklish, but Pamela manages to keep them still. The tickler goes to the neck, not so ticklish when tickled by hands (but check other videos, with the neck tickled by tools!). At the end, having stated which spots are more ticklish, the tickler hits again her sides, tickling them firmly!

Pamela talks during all the session, commenting the sensitivity of every point of her body: very charming! (format is .mkv with incorporated selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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