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Part 2 Vale’s feet, she doesn’t know tickling is coming: also inner thighs and sides

Definition - 2160P
Length - 15:28


Vale Part 2: feet, inner thighs and sides. Vale does NOT know she will be tickled. When Vale signed the contract she was warned the testing could cause excessive suffering. She signed to be tied and to receive an “unspecified stress test” without knowing we will use tickling. She agree to refuse the rights to know which techniques we will use and she agreed to have the video distributed and sold worldwide. Also because she is not afraid of anything, she is serious and strong, not like May the timid, shy and scared girl of the previous video. She is strong, but tickling will break her! This unaware patient is HORRIBLE ticklish and had accepted to participate in this painful “stress test” because she had NO IDEA that we will tickle her. She will start laughing hysterically and also scream like crazy, but the tickling will not stop, the contract she signed is crystal.

Just to be absolutely clear, this video is NOT STAGED: this is a real CLINICAL TRIAL and she didn’t know she will be brutally tickled, even if she knew and accepted to be tied and distressed with any possible techniques.


NO ACTING! Vale is a girl that would never ever participate in a tickling video. When you will see this video, you will discover a new dimension of tickling!

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