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Princesses Do Not Have Dirty Sandals Kisa

Definition - 2160P
Length - 17:11


A new domme is in town. Kimberly is a hot brat with tanned skin, radiant hair, and gorgeous legs who is ready to rule over everybody she runs into. Her dominant demeanor is evident from the very beginning and she doesn’t hesitate to showcase it when meeting new people. To her mind, she is entitled to be treated as a superior woman; for that reason, she is constantly looking for new subjects who can carry out all her daily errands to make her life easier. It was at that moment that she heard about Kisa, a submissive girl willing to be at her disposal in exchange for the chance of worshiping her feet.

It was a perfect match, so Kimberly didn’t think twice and decided on accepting Kisa as her slave girl, but not before testing her skills. She was particularly intrigued about Kisa’s cleaning talent, so she thought a proper way of proving her worth would be wiping up her worn out black sandals. Needless to say, Kimberly was thrilled that Kisa agreed immediately without muttering a single word of complaint. On this video, Mistress Kimberly makes Kisa lick her sandals diligently to remove all the dust accumulated on them. She doesn’t care about how much grime the poor girl has to eat in order to finish the task, after all for this young lady, her sandals being spotless is more important than a slave’s tongue. On the other hand, Kisa puts a lot of effort into swallowing all the dirt from those black soles, and even though it seems like a complicated duty, she doesn’t hesitate a bit, to avoid upsetting Kimberly. After some minutes, Kimberly’s sandals look cleaner so she thinks Kisa can continue working on her precious soles.

The humble girl removes Kimberly’s sandals and inhales her sweet aroma before proceeding to adore her Princess’ bare arches. Kisa begins sniffing Kimberly’s precious toes to show her devotion while the Mistress just insults her mercilessly for how pathetic she looks.

The slave girl also kisses those outstanding soles, admires her flawless curves, and licks them thoroughly to gather all the sweat mixed with small pieces of filth. It looks like she is enjoying one priceless treat. At the same time, Kimberly oversees her new slave girl’s performance and takes some pictures with her smartphone to show her friends afterwards. Then, Kisa sucks on those delicate toes to eliminate all the toejam stuck between them and replies to Kimberly when receiving a command to let her know she is trying her best. In the end, Kimberly keeps taking more pictures of Kisa’s humiliation while yelling at her to try better. What a cruel princess!

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