Psychiatric tickling therapy series : Anna - treatment 01


Length – 14:17

The beautiful Anna is not feeling good for weeks and her doctor has recommended a treatment based on laughter to rediscover the joy of life.
The treatment must be administered every week and for the first session this is Veronique who has been responsible for applying it.
Anna is strongly immobilized in a straighjacket with her entire body tied on a table.
Veronique begins the tickle treatment during the first minutes on her ticklish socked feet with fingers and brushes.
As usual Anna begins to laugh immediately and she really has no ways to move at all then after a few minutes of tickling Veronique removes her socks to attacks the bare soles and toes.
It tickles so much and Anna can’t stop to laugh under the fingers and brushes attacks but this is good for her mind and her health.
Veronique explores her legs, hips, belly and she focuses a lot on her extremely ticklish neck who is with her feet her weak point.
Laugher medicine is very good for depressive girls who need to be treated quickly and this therapy is exactly what Anna needs.

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