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Definition - 1080P
Length - 19:17

Sayori spanks and tickles feet of bound and gagged Astrid

By John

In this video, Sayori finally gets to enjoy Astrid’s bare feet. And enjoy the sweet taste of revenge of course!
She has wanted to do this for a long time. Astrid is securely fixed to a bench wearing a catsuit. And her cute bare feet are locked in stocks with all her toes bound.

Sayori is a very energetic girl and approached the idea of tormenting barefoot Astrid with great enthusiasm. The tormentor first squeezes and kisses Astrid, and then gives her bare feet a kiss before moving on to tickling and bastinado.

Sayori tickles and kisses Astrid’s feet, mixing the sensation with slaps from a paddle and a bamboo cane. Astrid enjoys all of this until Sayori takes out a sharp spur and starts to drag it over the tender soles of her victim.

Astrid screams and jerks around, clearly arguing with this. Sayori stops in time, sensing Astrid’s discontent and her screams, and decides to gag her with a large ballgag and continue having fun with her bare feet. What a sadistic girl!

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