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Schoolgirl dominates - Tickling and kissing Ada against her will

Length - 30:35
- 1080P -
Published 9 February, 2022

Ada wears a school uniform and sits on a sofa. Alla appears and leads Ada to the bed, Ada in bewilderment but submits. Alla tries to kiss Ada but she resists and Alla ties Ada’s hands. After that, she tapes Ada’s mouth with a piece of tape and kisses her. Then Alla tickles her body and flirts with her, says that she looks divine. Alla tastes her belly and tickles her armpits, and Ada wriggles and laughs.

Alla goes to Ada’s feet and ties her knees, and then tickles her with nails and kisses her toes and also bites them. Then Alla ties the feet and continues to tickle.
Alla wants to have fun again and says that she doesn’t want someone to bother them and tapes Ada’s mouth with another piece of tape. She flips Ada on her side and tickles her body again, and then puts Ada into a hogtie. Alla enjoys her girlfriend’s feet again and tickles her.

Then she unties Ada and puts her on the bed, here she wraps her with tape around her shoulders and under her breasts, knees, and ankles. Then, Alla enjoys tickling her feet, and then comes up behind and bites her neck and tickles her juicy shapes.
After a while, Alla says goodbye to her friend and leaves her alone.

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