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Length - 23:20 -
Definition - 720P

Sindy Is Really Too Ticklish in Veronique’s Sadistic Hands

The ultra ticklish Sindy is back and she meets Veronique for the first time for a great F/F tickle session.
This clip is 70% foot tickling and 30% underarms tickling.
Sindy loves to be tickled and she was not disappointed by Veronique’s efficient techniques who gave her a ruthless experience.

Feather, fingers and brushes run on Sindy’s super ticklish sole till she becomes crazy then for the last part of the clip Veronique tickles her horribly sensitive underarms, sides and neck to hysteria.
We love when Sindy returns because she’s always ready to endure the worst and we always make her endure the worst.

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