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Length - 32:55 -
Definition - 1080P

Stinky Feet Bully

What if the bully of the class happens to be the hottest chick in school, who uses her stinky, sweaty feet to punish the geeks? And what if she tried to cheat on the exam and learns who was the nerd who snitched on her?

Rosie, the nerd from school is on her way home on a desolate road near the woods, oblivious to the fact, that Candy has already learned about what she’ve done and already lurking by the road to take her revenge. Candy catches her and puts her out, throws her into the trunk and kidnaps her. Rosie wakes up in a frightening room having no clue how she got there. But she learns the reason immediately as Candy grabs her down the floor, slaps her and starts humiliating her, worse than she could imagine. Candy the crying girl to lick the bottom of her sneakers, no matter how bad she begs her to let her go. She takes her phone away and records the humiliation, also threatens Rosie to post online or even send it to her boyfriend if she does not do exatly what she’s told. She tries to resist but Candy easily dominates her, her situation is totally hopeless. Candy takes her shoes off and takes the humiliation to the next level. She never wears socks in her sneakers, her feet are bathing in sweat and sport an incredibly stinky, vinegary smell. She rubs her soles into the crying girls face and her to inhale their stink. Rosie is totally disgusted and tries to dodge the hot, sweaty soles, but she can’t do anything to protect herself.

She has to smell Candy’s stinky feet! And the real suffering is yet to come: Candy her to lick all the salty sweat off her soles! Poor Rosie almost throws up as the reeking soles touch her tongue, and even worse, licking is not enough, Candy makes her swallow it all! Now she learns what to use her mouth for! As a good, obedient little bitch, she has to suck Candy’s toes while she laughs at her and takes pictures with her phone. However, making this snitchy nerd suck a toe is far from the punishment she really deserves, so Candy streches her mouth wide open and rams her whole foot down her throat. Her mouth defiled and literally fucked by Candy’s feet, her face all in tears – Rosie learned a lesson for life!

What if the bully of the class happens to be the hottest chick in school, who uses her stinky, sweaty feet to...
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