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The Banana Challenge with Lola Fae

Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:44


After a long wait, the lovely Lola Fae has been lured into Foot Patrol Studio. Archer is very happy to have her here and starts off her visit by tossing out the Banana Challenge. The implement being used today is a bit mature and more on the soft side, but Lola does a great job. She has great control of the toes on those amazing size six’s. She sizes up the task at hand and puts those perfect feet to work. The soft banana is easily subdued by this dominant princess and she successfully strips off the peel. Now it’s time for Archer to do the polite thing and clean up her pretty feet.

He licks the smashed fruit off of her soles and sucks the slimy cream from each toe. He masterfully slithers his long tongue around each toe to ensure they are all completely serviced. Even after the banana mess has all been cleaned up, he cannot stop kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling those perfect little feet. So perfectly slender that he takes each one deep into his mouth until Lola’s toenails scrape the back of his throat. Archer is in heaven worshiping the feet of this goddess and Lola Fae looks down upon her servant with that sly, sexy smile of superiority.

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