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The Insanely Ticklish French Maid at the Mercy of a Serial Tickler : Part 01 - Hogtied

Length - 16:20
- 720P -
Published 11 August, 2022

The 27 years old Mathy is working at an hotel in Paris when a masked guy enters discretly in the room where she is.He threatens her with a to her to realize all his tickling fantasies.Mathy is afraid but she has no ways to escape and she has to accept to be a tickle toy for the dangerous guy.First the masked guy asks her to remove her shoes because he wants to see her feet and after he gagged and tied her on the bed in hogtied position.

The maid understands that she’s at the mercy of a serial tickler and she’s extremely worried because she knows how ticklish she is especially on her feet.This is now for the guy time to have fun and he tickles the helpless milky soles with fingers, hairbrushes and different tickling tools.Mathy’s reactions are immediates and she explodes in laughter without any possibilies to warn someone due to the fact she is gagged.This is an horrible punishment who begin now because the serial tickler is decided to fulfill all his tickling fantasies with this sexy maid.The question for her now is : how long will she be able to stand it ?

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