Sophia Leone in Failure to Appear



Length – 22:35

Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend is knocking on doors to serve warrants to ladies who have failed to appear for a regular foot inspection. Carrying a clipboard and working from an alleged list of names, he encounters the lovely Sophia Leone. The inspector claims that her name NOT being on his list indicates that she is delinquent in being inspected. Sophia finds it odd, but allows the inspection to proceed. The inspector must remove considerable debris from Sophia’s dirty feet in the process.

The young Latina lady admits walking outdoors with her puppy, but insists it isn’t actually doggy doo that is encrusted on her soles. The courageous inspector goes forth with licking Sophia’s unsanitary soles and sucking her trash-tainted toes. He discovers that she requires a pedicure update and escorts the accused to the local nail salon.

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