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Sophia Leone in Failure to Appear

Definition - 1080P
Length - 22:35


Foot Patrol Inspector Archer Legend is knocking on doors to serve warrants to ladies who have failed to appear for a regular foot inspection. Carrying a clipboard and working from an alleged list of names, he encounters the lovely Sophia Leone. The inspector claims that her name NOT being on his list indicates that she is delinquent in being inspected. Sophia finds it odd, but allows the inspection to proceed. The inspector must remove considerable debris from Sophia’s dirty feet in the process.

The young Latina lady admits walking outdoors with her puppy, but insists it isn’t actually doggy doo that is encrusted on her soles. The courageous inspector goes forth with licking Sophia’s unsanitary soles and sucking her trash-tainted toes. He discovers that she requires a pedicure update and escorts the accused to the local nail salon.

Sporting a fresh new pedicure on those now clean feet, Sophia Leone voluntarily raises her feet to the inspector. One might guess that she is looking forward to further foot worship, but more likely she is just hoping to get this episode over with. Sophia doesn’t smile or reveal much emotion, so she’s not an easy one to read. Once the final inspection is complete and her feet are pronounced street legal, Foot Inspector Archer Legend attempts to collect the $300 fine. Sophia balks, claiming she has no money, and flatly refuses to pay anything at all.

The experienced foot inspector has encountered this tactic by suspects on numerous occasions. Archer expertly handles the problem by suggesting that a good old fashioned handjob would make the fine disappear. A girl of few words and even less patience for this perverted chubby foot cop, Sophia Leone accepts the “five fingered discount” and tugs the inspector’s taut tool until a large thick load is unleashed. Sophia briefly dabbles her slender brown fingers playfully in the white goo, before flashing a rare sweet smile and asking “Can I go now?” Inspector Legend got what he needed, so he bids the lass adieu and considers the case closed.

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