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The Staple Trial

Definition - 1080P
Length - 43:59


2 beautiful girls. 4 sensitive soles. 75+ painful staples. The ultimate foot torture!

Since our first staple foot torture clip was so amazing and also popular, I was eager to shoot another one, but much more kinky and painful. I knew Emily is into painful games too, so I showed her Dorothy’s footage. She thought this can’t that bad, and told me, that she could take much more. She even challenged her too see who is the tougher one! Dorothy accepted the challenge, even though she went through unbelievable pain last time. With her latest clips, she starts to become the torture star of our studio. Now it’s time to decide, who can suffer more before giving in. There rules were simple: each girl had to take 25 staples into their soft soles, that was mandatory. After that, they can decide to continue or give up. Whoever wins, takes all: the loser gets no payment for the scene at all!

The clip starts with a 2 minutes montage of tying up the girls and gagging their mouth with their own socks. When they’re set, their tormentor whips their soles to make sure, no numbing in their feet remain to ease their coming pain! After that, we started the real torture. They get their staples in turn, into their heels first, then to the balls of their feet and outer edge of their soles. The staples are long enough to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, sometimes even underneath. They moan and cry desperately, louder and louder with each staple. Their pain is unbelievable, even though they are racing against each other, they cannot help having compassion.

Unfortunately, our stapler got stuck a few times, but I kept the camera rolling, and shot amazing close-ups of their tormented soles while it got repaired. No spoilers, I won’t give away who the winner was, but the girls got 75+(!) staples altogether. When they both gave up, unlike last time, I also recorded the procedure of pulling the staples out. The tricky thing with these is, that only one thing hurts more, than getting the soles stapled: pulling these out! Since we cannot show the red fluid, because of the rules, the last 8 minutes are face close-ups of the girls having their most painful moments.

Intro music by Somnium Horrendum

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