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Kate Anima – The girl who knows how endure pain

Name: Kate Anima
Age: 22 yo
Height: 170 cm
Foot Size – 38
Do you love girl’s feet? Bound girl’s legs… Tied young girl with attractive feet… And the girls who love to girls…
In this clip Kate is firmly tied in classic hogtied (elbows together, and the head tied by the hair), she had no chance to get out, tight rope pulled her body from her hands that quickly turned blue and a little numb, but she is silent and she tolerates it, because she’s a masochist. Apart from the hard bondage, she tolerates the other girl (who’s clearly sadistic one) who beat her on the soles fairly strong.

Kate is a good girl, I really appreciate her for her high pain threshold and that the pain of the bastinado brings her an excitement. Throughout the clip Kate withstand a large number of hard blows to her feet. Frankly we were expecting from her tears of the pain, we asked the top girl to beat her as much as possible. But Kate didn’t cry. She endured the pain and mumbling. We gagged her mouth, it’s very to-face. And through the gag you can hear her heart-rending moo from the strong shocks.

In the middle of the clip the wooden stick break on the strength blows so the top picks up a leather riding crop and continues to Kate. From the gag Kate drooling, this looks very attractive. Her feet became red from the punishment, I’ve filmed them close-up from time to time.

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