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Length - 10:00 -
Definition - 1080P

The Tickle Table – Skull Candy Bri

She may have a dark, tattooed goth vibe to her but this hot brunette can be made to smile…when properly motivated! Some like jokes, some like comedies, but I prefer more unique methods. Say, zipping a girl up in a sleepsack, strapping it closed, securing it to my customized table, locking their feet and toes in place, and tickling the fuck out of them. How can it be made better? By having a lovely blonde with revenge in her eyes (you DID see Bella Ink on the tickle table right….?) at my side, dishing out the severe tickling ‘treatment’! I strip her socks off on camera, bind her big toes back and we hold nothing back. You’re welcome, Bri! See goth girls CAN smile!

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