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The Ticklish Weak Points : 01 – Sindy’s Neck & Underarms

Every girl has her weak point and the tickling has to be unbearable so we decided to make short sessions where we focuse for each one on a special spot till she loses her mind.
This is now Sindy’s turn to experiment these ruthless punishments on the most ticklish spots.
The complete serie has three parts :

01 – Neck & Underarms
02 – Hips, sides & Belly
03 – Bare Feet

The sexy & ultra ticklish Sindy loves to be mercilessly tickled so this experience is exactly what she enjoys.
Here is the Part 01 of her punishments with a merciless neck and underarms tickling till she goes nuts.
The underarms immobilization is perfect and she absolutely can’t move at all while the tickler’s fingers run on the super sensitive skin.
Sindy can’t move at all in this situation and it makes her even more sensitive, by the way underarms tickling makes her cry each time.
She has her ultra sensitive underarms and her arousing reactions are just…hot!

WELCOME INTO OUR NEW SERIE BASED ON "FOCUSED TICKLING". Every girl has her weak point and the tickling has to be unbearable so...
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