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The Ticklish Weak Points : 02 – Sindy’s Hips, Sides & Belly

Every girl has her weak point and the tickling has to be unbearable so we decided to make short sessions where we focuse for each one on a special spot till she loses her mind.
This is now Sindy’s turn to experiment these ruthless punishments on the most ticklish spots.
The complete serie has three parts :

01 – Neck & Underarms
02 – Hips, sides & Belly
03 – Bare Feet

The sexy & ultra ticklish Sindy loves to be mercilessly tickled so this experience is exactly what she enjoys.
Here is the Part 02 of her punishments with a ruthless tickle action on her hips, sides and belly.
Sindy loves to be tickled even if it drives her crazy and her reactions are always a tickler’s dream.
The guy explores her most sensitive areas with his best techniques to get the maximum laughter and he knows exactly how to do.
Sindy is punished to hell and this is what we all love to see.

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