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Three for one. Leya and her girlfriends torture their new friend Dana

Tonight this three beautiful girlfriends (Leya, Tonya, and Vila) are going to tickle their new friend Dana. Everybody is dressed in summer casual clothes and barefoot.

Dana is tied on the bed, spread eagle, very comfortable so nothing will distract her from tickling. One of the girls sits on top of her to tickle Dana’s upper body, and to other girls hold each foot with one hand and tickle with another. They hold Dana’s ankles and tickle her cute soles with their fingers.
It’s a non-stop tickling for poor Dana. Each 5 minutes ticklers rotate and take the place of the other tickler.
If you are a fan of tickling with young girls next door – this video for you. Enjoy!

The second part where Leya and her cruel ticklers band continue tickling their new friend Dana but in a different pose. Dana is still spread-eagle on the bed but face down now.
Leya, Tonya and Vila are going to have a lot of fun with tickling poor Dana. Girls change their position from time to time and Dana are going crazy from their intense tickling manner. Enjoy!

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