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Toe-Bite Tickle Catfight! Pt. 1: Tiffany vs. Mistress Tempted !

Length - 10:56
- 1080P -
Published 25 April, 2022

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Mistress Tempted and Tiffany Brookes are interviewing for the same TV job.  Tiffany didn’t know there would be any competition, so she decides to try stacking the deck in her favor.  There’s a sign on the wall that reads “Keep Shoes On At All Times”, which gives Tiffany an idea.

She purposely stomps on Mistress Tempted’s toes!  The rose-haired hottie howls in pain, grabbing her foot and removing her shoe to inspect the damage!  But, things escalate from there and a full-blown catfight ensues!  As the two vicious vixens battle it out, Tiffany repeatedly stomps and bites Mistress Tempted’s toes, to weaken her and keep her literally off-balance!

The fight is pretty one-sided, til Tiffany puts Mistress Tempted in a scissor hold.  Just when she thinks she’s going to finish her opponent, Mistress Tempted removes the black-haired bully’s boot and tickles her bare foot!  Tiffany explodes into laughter and flails about helplessly, in a fit of hysterics!  She even screams “I give up!” as her long toes wriggle and writhe wildly!

From there, it’s a test of wills as each foot-tickles and toe-bites her opponent, viciously!  Loud, cackling laughter and yelps of pain fill the room, and sure enough, the boss finally hears the ruckus!  What happens next?  Find out now!

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