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Length - 20:04 -
Definition - 720P

Veronique Is Ruthless With Lisabeth & Camily’s Bare Feet

Camily, Veronique & Lisabeth are back for a new tickling party!
These three girls are super ticklish and super fun so we decided to invite them for a special day of hysteria.
It begins with our favorite soles up session where Camily and Lisabeth are immobilized and tickled together by the sadistic Veronique who love to drive girls insane.
Both girls can’t stand to have their milky soles tickled and this is exactly what Veronique enjoys.

She is perfectly ruthless with the girls and she experiments a new tickling glove who give incredible results.
This is a fountain of crazy laughters with intensive tickle action.
Veronique really knows how to tickle super sensitive feet.

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