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You can thank me now get ready to fall in LOVE!! New Barefoot! Audition

Definition - 720P
Length - 14:10


Ok, Foot tickling fans! Pay Attention! Closely,YOU ARE ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE! It happens ever so Rarely in this business,The perfect Girl, the perfect ticklishness, the perfect feet, the perfect personality…Lets just say we have hit the Holy Grail of just that..Em came in on a whim to fill in for someone that bailed on their appointment..She’s obviously Super cute and we knew on the phone we were at least going to meet someone with the cutest personality, but to then realize that we have all that AND absolutely excruciatingly Ticklish feet that were as soft as baby feet and just shaped so perfectly here..
Well lets just say this is going to be the start of something REALLY REALLY good here,as usual when we get someone here like that its really hard to only tickle for a few minutes so here is part of of her first tickle! Socks to then OMG Insane ticklish bare feet,she literally was moving our bondage chair around like never before and so DAMN cute!!

So, gonna say it now ” YOUR WELCOME” as usual we start nice and slow but my goodness wait till you see how this heats up,your going to melt i promise you! Sit back and get your popcorn! this is a good one,its a longer clip but i can promise you will not get tired of this face, these feet and the laugh coming your way! your going to remember this one.

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