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“You will feel like a Christmas gift!” – Alla takes revenge on Lisenok by wrapping her in bedspreads and a satin bag

Definition - 1080P
Length - 32:15


By Dero

Alla sews a dress for her friend. She tries and is happy that everything works out. Lisenok comes and talks about his new boyfriend and shows him to Alla. God Lord! It’s her ex-boyfriend.
Lisenok rejoices and humiliates Alla, meaning that people like her will not be able to go to the club with them.

Alla seethes with rage and clutches a roll of black tape. She tears off a few pieces… While Lisenok is preening in the mirror, Alla grabs her friend from behind and wraps her hands and ankles. She throws Lisenok on the mattress and starts tickling her.

Lisenok’s shirt pulled up, exposing her slender tender body, which is very ticklish.
“Hahaha! What are you doing?” – shouted Lisenok and laughed from the tickling.
But Alla continued to torment her friend and take revenge on her. She put a coverlet on top of her and wholly covered Lisenok with it, leaving only her feet in sneakers. She began to tickle her friend through the bedspread and heard muffled sounds of laughter. Then she took shoes off Lisenok’s feet and began to tickle them greedily. Later, Alla took a red satin coverlet and wrapped Lisenok in it. Now she began to tickle her friend again.

In the second part, Alla wraps Lisenok in a black veil and also tickles her friend’s legs and body through the satin. Then she puts on a red cloth on top and ties it tighter. Lisenok fights to get out.
In the end, Alla put on a shiny tight elastic bag with a zipper and loads her friend onto a table. Now she tickles the satin cocoon over her feet and all over her body. Even Lisenok’s nipples became visible through the tight fabric. She resisted and tried to get out when Alla left with the last words: “You know, I’ll go to the club instead of you, and we’ll talk with you again later”.

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