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Limp fetish with sexy Kristy in Short skirt + heels and leather jacket + boots

By Dero. Made by request

Part 1
Kristy finds strange messages on her Instagram – some maniac writes to her. She calls her friend and complains to her.
Suddenly she hears a noise and goes to check. The maniac was already here, he watches the sexy look of Kristy who wears a short skirt and heels. He wants to knock her out and enjoy her body – feet and ass.
He prepares a rag and heads for Kristy to knock her out. Kristy is stunned and begins to fight off the criminal. Having gone , Kristy slips into the hands of a maniac who begins to play with her body, he checks her eyes and starts stroking between her legs, lifting her skirt.

After that, he drags her onto the sofa where she also feels her body – stroking between her legs and massaging her legs in sexy high heels. He tells her in the ear that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time.
Then he knocks down Kristy again when she wakes up and massages her face, and then puts her on the sofa again in a sitting position. He plays with her hands and face.
When she begins to wake up, he again catches her up and checks her eyes, massages her mouth and breasts and then puts her on the floor where he feels her body, buttocks, legs, stomach, and breasts.

After some time, Kristy wakes up but does not remember anything. She doesn’t understand why she is so disheveled and is going to dress up and go to her friend, she wears leggings, denim shorts, high heel boots, and a denim jacket. She lays down on the bed to write to her friend, but the offender is already approaching from behind. Kristy is already lying on her back, and the offender sniffs her body and checks her eyes and mouth.

Then he knocks down Kristy again when she wakes up. He puts her head on his knee and takes off her jacket.
Then he flips her over and feels the ass and admires the boots, which he slowly takes off. He massages and sniffs her legs. He raises Kristy’s feet up so as to massage her soles and see her butt.
Then he massages her body and feet and then (POV mode) he checks her face and massages Kristy’s sexy feet. Then he leaves her alone…

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