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Yuno tickles Sara : Full

Yuno tied Sara tightly to the bench and now she’s going to tickle her feet. Wait girls, let me put the camera on!
Sara is topless and sits with her big ticklish soles in front of her. Her hands tied behind her head. Yuna knows that Sara’s feet are sensitive and she starts tickling them with her fingernails. Then she takes a paintbrush and lubricates Sara’s soles with oil. Then Yuno takes a comb and tickles her intensely, Sara squeals a lot and going crazy, her feet are really ticklish.

The second part where Yuno continues tickling Sara.
Now Yuno focuses on her upper body, armpits, ribs, and sides. Sara is good laughter and she’s very ticklish everywhere. Sara gets sweaty, squeals and laughs even from soft Yuno’s touches. Enjoy

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