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Anush’s curative recipe – Long tickling in black tape by Doc Alina

Anush needs some treatment procedures and Dr. Alina orders her an important therapy with tickling.
Anush is wrapped in black plastic and lies on the massage table. She’s in socks. The doctor blindfolds her and puts a ball gag in her mouth to isolate her feelings from everything around and make her silent.

Doctor Alina starts to tickle Anush’s feet through the socks. Anush is ticklish and she laughs and tries to wiggle. In addition, crazy Doctor teases her patient with the words like “Do you want more?”, “What did you say?”, “Okay, now it’s going to be more intense!”
Next, Doctor ties her toes and starts to use different devices for tickling – small brush, toothbrush, hairbrush. She concentrates on Anush’s soles, which is very sensitive and tender. Doctor her for a long time and teases her. And Anush laughs through the ball gag loudly.

“Be quiet! You’ll wake up our night shift staff”
After the long ticklish procedure, Dr. Alina cuts off the grey tape and takes off the ball gag and removes the blindfold. After that, she makes a hole in the tape so she will able to tickle Anush belly and navel. Now Anush wiggles a lot and laughs from belly tickling. She gets tired and it’s time to finish. At the end, Dr. Alina blows to Anush navel and then to her ear. Then the Doctor leaves.

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