Apolline Gang Tickled in the Stocks


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Length : 13:53

And the last but not the least, it’s Apolline’s time in the Stocks ! The blond girl is quite the perfect ticklee : she’s beautiful, she’s playful, she can endure a lot of tickling yet she totally hate it. She has been a vicious tickler with both Celine and Tom and now both of them want their revenge on the gorgeous blondie !

Unfortunately for Apolline, it’s more a 4 vs 1 than a 2 vs 1 ! The ticklers give their help to Celine and Tom, and the poor victim will remember this last scene for a long, long time ! Her bare feet, her upperbody and her legs are tickled for an intense tickle punishment that closes our shoot with these three wonderful models ! Hope you will enjoy this one as much as you did with the first clips !

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