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Avery’s Sweaty Feet Therapy

Avery is for sure one of the best Dreamgirl ever when we are talking about the sweaty socks challenge, so that’s probably why we have done this so many times already! She is always willing to wear the same pair of socks for a long period of time, so she knows how to easily win those challenges, and she knows how to take a lots of money in my bank account too! The deal with her is pretty simple. She wants me to deal with her sweaty socks on my face for two hours straight while she is just relaxing, and watching some Netflix. But if I can’t do it? I have to pay her a bonus in cash, which is a big amount of money every time! I have never won a challenge with Avery, so she thought it could be nice to give me another chance to win this chance, after she has worn the same pair of cute socks for over two weeks! Let’s see if I can do it this time. But if I can’t? i will have to pay her again this extra bonus in cash, and she told me that we will have to do this challenge as many time as we need to make it, until I will be able to do this for two hours straight with her sweaty socks on my face! Avery also told me that the day that I will be well trained enough to do those two hours straight, she will probably be proud of me, but we will have to switch this challenge to three hours after that! That means that I should be in trouble with her for a very long time!


Avery came to my place after another long working day with her lovely feet inside her boots, and another long day of wearing the same pair of cute socks, and it seems like she was more than ready to do this challenge again! She warned me before starting that it’s probably gonna be one of the most intense one ever, so she could just not wait to see what my reaction would be with her sweaty socks on my face! She makes me slowly take her boots off, with her usual smile of satisfaction, then completely covers my face with her sweaty white socks! They were super sweaty, and super stinky, but it seems like she was just taking pleasure to rub them in my face again! She makes me take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks, then she told me that she accidentally dropped a few drops of her pee inside her boots this morning, right before she puts them in her feet! I am pretty sure this was not an accident! I felt so humiliated. She told me that while I was licking the sweaty bottom of her socks, so I felt like she also wanted me to know, that I was also licking her pee! Her socks were just so worn, so smelly, and so stinky!


Avery also makes me kiss the bottom of her feet with her sweaty socks on, just before she makes me take them off with my teeth, and just pushes both of her socks inside my mouth with her toes! She covers my face with her sweaty naked feet, and makes me take some deep breaths in her feet! The smell was so intense, that was crazy! She takes pleasure in rubbing her sweaty feet all over my face again, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her stinky naked soles! She makes me lick all that dirt right in between each of her toes, like a good devoted loser slave, and makes me suck on her toes too! That was just another crazy sweaty socks challenge with Avery, and it seems like it was just another win for her! The complete version of this clip is actually sixty minutes, and you will probably find it right on the next page! This sweaty socks challenge with Avery is for sure one of her best and stinkier challenge ever! I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do!

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