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Bad Teacher teaches schoolgirl Taisia good manners and enjoys her flaccid body on self-isolation

By Dero
The clip contains 18 knockout scenes

The story
Taisia rested through a school lesson at home, while on self-isolation. She hastily put on her school uniform, as the teacher demanded. She sat down at the table and prepared herself. The teacher soon came to Taisia and asked her to read a textbook.
After Taisia read a few lines, the teacher sat down next to her and began to pester her, touching her thigh. Taisia understood that something was wrong. While the girl continued to read, the disgusting teacher crept up from behind and was already ready to knock the girl out, he grabbed her and after the struggle, Taisia was knocked out. The teacher checked the girl’s eyes and mouth and played with her body, stroking her feet. Then he put his hand over her mouth and held it for a while. After that, he transferred her to the bed. As soon as Taisia ??began to wake up, he attacked her and after the struggle, Taisia ??got knocked out again. The teacher was enjoying the sight of her crotch in bronze tights. Then he put a stocking gag on her.
The teacher checked again that Taisia had weakened by placing his hand tight over her mouth. Then he laid her down on the bed with her head hanging and left.

Taisia woke up and was still dizzy and could barely walk, and then fell on the floor, the teacher mocked her and lifted her skirt, and then attacked her again. Taisia was knocked out sitting on his knee.
Here the teacher began to play with her body for a long time. He stroked her feet and thighs even more greedily. When Taisia woke up, she went to the table putting on her heels, and saw a strange bubble. He attacked her from behind again. Taisia got knocked out right on the chair while sitting on the teacher and hanging her head down.

He puts her on the sofa and put the stocking gag in her mouth – then he pressed his hand over Taisia’s mouth, making sure that she was weak.
Upon awakening, Taisia was ordered to change into a black dress, which was very suitable for her. She dutifully put on the sexy dress. Then the teacher sent her to rest again. After that, he stroked her tender bare feet and tied Taisia’s arms and legs with tights.
Taisia woke up and untied herself, but the mad teacher knocked out Taisia again and again. On the floor, on a chair, on the couch, and again on the bed… He enjoyed the sight of her body, ass, feet, and open mouth. In the end, he taped her mouth with tape, knocked out her for the last time, and left her alone on the bed.
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By Dero The clip contains 18 knockout scenes The story Taisia rested through a school lesson at home, while on self-isolation. She hastily put on...

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