Calissa Explodes on Our New Device : Full Session

Length - 23:18 - 720P

The insanely ticklish Calissa is back in bikini to test our new device. As you know she is one of our most ticklish model and we were very impatient to get her in this new position with all her most ticklish spots open and ready for punishment. The begins on her upperbody with feathers and fingers. Calissa is ultra ticklish with the feathers and the guy explores her sides, belly, underarms, face, neck, bellybutton and her breasts in this way. The girl explodes in laughter with uncontrollable reactions but she can’t escape the sadistical feathers and fingers. Every inch of her sexy body is horribly ticklish and this position is just perfect for a girl like her. You’ll enjoy many camera angles for the best enjoyment as possible of this great scene. Calissa is a dream and her hyper ticklish return is a masterpiece!


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