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Chinese Hysteria Is Wonderful : Zhu’s Bare Soles Are Unbearably Ticklish

We have had the opportunity to meet two real Chinese students who came to France for a year to study the language.
Zhu & Lieu are both 20 years old and they they come from the outskirts of Shangaï in China.
What a beautiful meeting because both girls are as charming as they are ticklish but it was difficult to communicate
because they speak very little french and very little english.

However we think that laughter is universal especially with tickling and we begin the action here with the cute Zhu
and her horribly ticklish soles.

She is tickled by her charming friend Liu and by the FT Tickler who gave her some techniques and who needed
to hold the ultra ticklish soles while Liu tickle them because Zhu is absolutely uncontrollable.
You probaly remember the Asian model Linh we introduced last summer and who were absolutely unbearably ticklish, if yes we have a good new because Zhu is absolutely as ticklish as Linh with insane reactions.

Her feet sensitivity is just indescriptible and her reactions are above all.
If you are looking for another deathly ticklish asian girl pushed to her limits you’ll never forget Zhu and her extreme reactions.
Zhu’s exceptionnal feet are in the top 5 of the most ticklish feet we have tickled since the beginning of our productions.

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