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Length - 13:15 -
Definition - 720P

Explosions of Hysterical Laughters With Alexa & Gwenola

The crazily ticklish Alexa & Gwenola are back for a fun tickling session in two nice situations.
The first part is a great tickle chain!
Gwenola has to tickle Alexa’s sides and underarms while she’s tickled at the same time by the FT Tickler.
This is extremly difficult for Gwenola to be tickler and ticklee at the same time but she does it and this is fantastic.
Both girls are hysterical and this is an explosion of crazy laughters.

For the second part of the clip each girl is successively tickled on her sides and underarms by the guy till they lose control of themselves.
These girls are so sexy and so ticklish that we could tickle them all the day but they’re so hysterical that it would be
very hard for them!
Another upperbody punishment with two ULTRA ticklish cuties.

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