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From chicago to Frenchtickling : American Stephy’s soles are deathly ticklish

Definition - 720P
Length - 13:10


This is the first time we had the privilege to tickle an American student and we’re very proud to present you Stephy who came to France to study.

Stephy is a 20 years old girl who have absolutely gorgeous feet with very soft soles.
She introduces herself at the beginning of the clip and she is immobilized in our famous soles up position with Veronique as merciless tickler.
We don’t know if all american ladies are as ticklish as Stephy is but we were very impressed by her EXTREME ticklishness.

Stephy’s soles and toes are horribly ticklish and she has an incredible laughter who run from the first to the last second of the tickling
without ever faltering.

Veronique is a very sadistic tickler as usual and she gave her the best feet tickle torture as possible, she drives her more than insane
all long this great session.
We have had many girls with insanely ticklish feet since the beginning of our productions but Stephy’s feet will be without a doubt in our
hall of fame.

She loses control continuously all long this clip and cherry on the cake she loves that because she’s one of these girls who love to be
pushed to her ticklish limits.
Another ultra ticklish model who offered an incredible tickle time.

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