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Three brilliant students – “This ticklish worship is the best we felt on our feet!”

For the first time in our store – triple ticklish foot worship!

The three best friends came together and began to discuss about their erogenous zones. The stories were different and all the girls agreed that they had sensitive breasts and thighs. But no one spoke about the most intimate plase – tender feet. And only Fekla admitted that somehow she has experienced kisses on her feet, but she was afraid that her bf started licking her feet.

After that, they all wanted to check what kind of sensations they would get if somebody will lick their feet. All three girls relaxed comfortably on the sofa and invited their friend to help.
All three girls are dressed in short shorts and T-shirts.
Fekla was the most intelligent and calm, and when he touched her feet with the tongue, she felt pleasant emotions. She was ticklish, but she always said that it was very nice and ticklish at the same time.
Leya was the most beautiful of the trio – she has big deep eyes, which immediately showed that the girl is very pleased and she is surprised at her reaction – besides, she was super ticklish, especially between the toes. She wriggled and moaned from a pleasant tickling, but said that this is a very pleasant feeling.

The last girl Tonya seemed the most stable – but no, from kisses and licking her feet she also laughed and shared her feelings with her friends, she said that it feels “better than orgasm.” And she would like to repeat it every day, but it’s so fucking ticklish…
What kind of feelings they’ve experienced, you can see in this clip which allows you to see the real emotions of young girls, without exaggeration. Only a natural and honest reaction.

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