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Fun wasn’t mean like that! Fetish movie

Fairy Fox: tight jeans, short top, already barefoot and dirty soles

Katrina: tight jeans, short top, already barefoot and dirty soles

Fox and Katrina are sitting a little bored on the sofa, Katrina has the idea to play some poker and the winner can tie up the loser. Fox knows that Katrina is very good, but she a good cheater so, why not. Fox wins the last round.
“Yes, I will go get the rope.”
Katrina is a little mistrustful and has a look at the cards.
“So, that bitch cheated, why am I not surprised. Oh no not with me”
Fairy fox comes back with ropes: “Well, how do you want to be restrained?”
“Not so fast, my friend! I found the cards you hide on the couch and I think we have to reconsider the outcome of the game…” With these words, Katrina overpowers Fairy Fox.

Fox, is already hogtied on the table. Fox makes big eyes as Katrina puts a few strips of tape over her mouth, “Otherwise, you are much too loud.” She ties her wriggling dirty big toes together. “Fun time!” Katrina tickles Fox’s dirty soles. Fox is furious.
“I will go watch my favorite TV Serie without a stupid commentary.” Leaves her alone for struggling.

Fox got free and seeks for revenge, surprises Katrina sitting on the sofa. The table has turned

Katrina has her tied hands and legs sits on the table, Fox puts few strips of tape over her mouth “Its better for you too.” She ties her feet, breast-ropes her, hogties her, ties her wriggling dirty big toes together. Tickles her dirty soles. Leaves, returns with the wet towel, a thin paintbrush and glass of honey, Katrina gets very nervous. Fox cleans soles, toes, massages her feet, Katrina seems to like it, Fox puts with the brush some honey on toes and soles, licks her soles, toes and suck on her tied big toes. Katrina seems to explode. Then Fox leaves her: “I go fast to the post office and when I return, then let’s see, maybe I have another idea”.

Katrina got free from hogtie and toe-tie, hops around looking for the scissors as Fox returns.
“Had enough, I think not” and leads the feisty Katrina to a chair.

Katrina is tied onto a chair. Off the gag. “Want more fun?” She tries to kick Fox. “I see”, she ballgags her, grabs her feet, ties her big toes again together, ties another thin long string to her tied toes, puts her feet under the chair and ties it to the back of the chair. Tickles her soles. Katrina rolls her eyes. “I will go to get some brushes for your soles, stay quiet.” Fox leaves, the door open, goes barefoot down the stairs to get the brushes. Meanwhile, a masked burglar takes the chance, enters, is surprised as he sees the tied-up Katrina. “Great, half the job is done.” As Fox returns, she gets overtaken.

Fox is already tied on the chair back to Katrina and insults him and tries to kick him as he puts a ball gag into her mouth, up the top, breast ropes her and fondles them, ties her big toes together, unties the thin sting from Katrina’s chair, puts Fox’s feet under the chair and ties the string to her tied toes.
“Let’s use those brushes!” He starts to tickle their soles. After a while, he leaves them alone to check the other apartments, maybe he is lucky and nobody is home. The girls struggle on chairs, bound and gagged.

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