Gwenola's Sexy Tickle on the Bed


Length - 14:18 - 720P

Our favorite ultra ticklish model Gwenola is back for a new special sexy tickling session on the bed.
She’s tied in spread eagle position with all her body and her wonderful underarms and soles helpless and ready to be mercilessly tickled.
This is not a topless video but Gwenola’s breasts come out of her top at some moments during the tickle on her sides and underarms.

Gwenola has really a perfect & incredibly ticklish body and her reactions are always crazy with her explosions of hysterical laughter.
The bare feet punishment is a masterpiece because she has no chance to defend and she absolutely can’t stand fingers,
brushes or glove on her terrifyingly ticklish soles.

She can wiggle. She can giggle. But she can’t stop her feet from being tickled.
Her ENTIRE BODY IS EXTREMELY TICKLISH!!! Each touch on her skin makes her become insane with spectacular convulsions.
Gwenola has a great personality for tickling because she cracks up completely every time we play with her.
We can never get enough of this fantastic ticklee!

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