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Her ticklish girlfriend – lick tickle and biting lesbian games

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:45


Two cute girlfriends decide to play their dirty games. Jenya and Lisa love to tickle each other with tongue and tease each other. This time Lisa became ticklee and was tied to the bed by her arms, legs, and elbows.
Jenya seats next to her and begins to tickle her armpits. Lisa is ticklish on the whole body but she likes the playful tongue of her girlfriend. Therefore, Jenya begins to tickle her with tongue and bite her body, her breasts and sometimes even gently kissing her lips.

Jenya her girlfriend, blows into her belly – and gently teases her. She grabs her thighs and tickles her nipples.
At the end, she settles down next to her victim’s feet and playfully puts her legs into Lisa’s mouth, hinting that soon she also will start biting her toes. Meanwhile, she already bites Lisa’s toes and tickles her feet. It looks so sexy. And Lisa jumps from bites and laughs while her feet are tickled.

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