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Revenge for school bully – I will punish you with tickling, bitch! Part 2

By John. Made by request

The first lesson didn’t teach Leya anything and she again began to call her school friend Tonya all sorts of nasty things.
This time, Tonya has tied her toxic friend into a hogtie, put a hook in her nose, shut her mouth with a large ballgag, and is going to once again make her suffer properly and think about her behavior…

So, mischievous cutie Leya is already tied up, gagged, and nose hooked, which makes her look like a piggy. After all, that’s exactly what she called her friend Tonya!

Tonya is in a great mood, she intensely tickles Leya’s bare feet using her hands and electric toothbrushes. But Leya is still far from the regret, whenever the opportunity arises she continues to mumble insults through the gag. This only provokes and teases Tonya even more.

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