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Length - 11:32 -
Definition - 1080P

Myriam’s endless torture on the cross

Myriam’s solo torture ends here.

In a way, Myriam is untorturable, she could laugh like that for hours, but when it ends, she can’t think or walk straight. That day, she got more than hour of tickling and only a small revenge with foot worship (the clips are findable when you click her Myriam tag).

This cross is the meanest device I use, with it, the armpits can’t escape. But it’s also elegant in a way.
Myriam laughs non stop throughout the clip, she is ticklish absolutely everywhere, hands, neck, you name it.
I even tried to gag her with her nylons on 2 portion of the clip, if you are into that (I still have those nylons).

My favorite part is when she starts bouncing as if she was doing Bungee jumping, hilarious, spontaneous, as we like it 😉

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