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No Safeword – Zelda

Definition - 1080P
Length - 15:16


I couldn’t let the visit with my first Brit pass by without round of NSW; thats unthinkable around Casa Fettish!

So during the 5 girl shoot, I had the gang go shoot material for Tickle Therapy sets while I broke the rookie in, first with The Tickle Table and then of course a follow up by gagging her and tickling her without a second thought.

Her sensitivity, if you watched her Tickle Table clip you already know – is indeed high! High enough that she agreed to this but only wanted ten minutes. No problem! Off to the timer I use on the microwave kitchen.

I’ve not made an error ever before like this one but the timer apparently was going off while someone was laughing – really – really – really loud. And I um —- may have gone over time just a tad.

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