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Length - 23:49 -
Definition - 1080P

Paris And Lola Tickle A Maskless Dave

Welcome Paris and Lola to our store, and also welcome the first clip of the new material that has me without my mask on. You’ll still see a bit of a transition from mask to no mask going forward. But on to the clip description.

Paris (Tom Paris, she insists) and Lola Bell met at this shoot. I’ve know Paris for a long time, we met in college and have been close friends ever since. I met Lola through a friend, and when I was talking to that friend about needing another person to shoot with, they said Lola would likely be down, and she was!

Since this was Lola’s first time in front of a camera, and we hadn’t hung out much prior to this, we all thought a great way to start the shoot out was for the women to get some bonding time by tying me up and tickling me for 24 minutes without mercy. I’ve gotta say, they came out of their shells fast and this made for a really entertaining and torturous experience. Especially when they started to find my sweet spots. Near the end, Paris decided that her teeth were great tickling tools, she was right.

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