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Revenge for school bully – I will punish you with tickling, bitch! Part 1

Leya in a dungeon, she’s securely fixed in stocks. Tonya, her former classmate, finally got her.
At school, Leya constantly bullied Tonya and called her a fat pig. Of course, Tonya was angry and offended, but she suffered and accumulated all hurt deep inside. Years later, Tonya gathered courage and kept watch for Leya to take revenge on her. Tonya enters the dungeon, she has a nose hook in her hands …

“Who called me a pig?”, Tonya answers.
“They call you that because you’re fat!”, Leya says.
“Shut up!”, Tonya gets angry.
“I’ll shut up but you still remain fat pig!”, Leya yelps.

It was the last straw of patience. Tonya puts the hook in Leya’s nose and makes her grunt. She Leya with foot tickling. Leya is ticklish but she doesn’t give up and doesn’t want to feel her guilt and repentance, this makes Tonya even angrier and turns on. She intensely tickles Leya’s feet. In the end, Tonya inserts a ring gag into Leya’s mouth. She leaves, but she clearly hasn’t finished yet…

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