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RF Double tickling cocoon with Ameliya and Nonna

Two girls are wrapped to a cocoon with the inscription “RF”. They are lying on a leather mattress. This is already familiar to us Ameliya and her friend Nonna. Their mouths are gagged with ball gags.

The girls are in their underwear and socks but soon they will be barefoot…
Alina comes in. At first she sits at their feet – she takes their socks off and starts to tickle the tender young feet of the girls. The victims laugh and jerk their feet.
All this time, Alina changes position – she holds the girls with her feet, then sits down by the feet and lubricates them with a cream, and then tortures them with a brush and a comb.

Next, Alina cuts the top layer of the cocoon from Amelia, to open her tummy. She does the same with Nonna. She begins to slide her nails over ??their navels, and then goes to the armpits.
Next, we two tickle the armpits and sides of the girls, and then go to the feet and navels.
After a long tickling, Alina cuts the cocoon to the end, freeing the girls and we still can see their beautiful feet close up.

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