Roksana, Susanna and Agata are playing strip tickle game - everybody loses


Length – 13:05

Girls are playing strip poker. Roksana loses first and she takes off her sweaty socks. Then Susanna loses and she takes off her outerwear. When Agata loses, she also takes off her socks.

Further is more interesting – Roksana loses and remains in jeans and bra. Then the loss of Agata – she remains with bare breasts. Because she is the last loser, then the girls pounce on her and tickle her armpits, belly, and sides.

Agata is perplexed and giggles from tickling. The girls hold her hands.
Because all the girls lost, all of them will be punished with a triple upper body tickling. The girls are fixed by the hands and they are waiting for merciless tickling… You will see what will happens to them in this clip.
To be continued – a separate punishment for Roksana and Agatha in the following videos. Stay tuned!

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